Android and iOS apps development stopped

I started a while ago to build Android and iOS pseudo-native versions of the game using PhoneGap, and first results were really encouraging. But big issues started to pile up, and I started to lose a lot of time trying to fix them instead of working on other planned evolutions.

I wish I could have decicated as much time as needed to fix these issues AND making progress on new features, but this is (only) a pet project I work on in my spare time, and I don’t have much of that time, so I decided to stop working on the PhoneGap port to focus on the real value of the game, which is the universality of the Web (well, Internet Explorer / Edge aside up to now).

I have moved the PhoneGap “enhanced” version of the game as of February 16th, 2016 into a phonegap branch for archaeologists and removed all traces of PhoneGap from the master branch.

So, also, I don’t need any beta testers for Android or iOS anymore, at least not for the native versions.